Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tufts Holds Recognition Dinner for Merrins

Ed and Vivian Merrin. Photo seen on The Tufts Daily.
Some time ago, Edward Merrin and his wife Vivian were given a grand dinner by Tufts University at Daniell’s, one of New York's most prestigious restaurants. The dinner was in recognition of the large Merrin-gift given to the university for scholarship funds, in the hope that it will allow the university to become tuition blind.

(Tuition blind means that one day, hopefully, all of the applications will be in one group, and acceptances will be made regardless of need; where all the needed help will be provided and no one will be refused because of funding. Similar to the current admissions and need-based scholarships at Harvard University.)

Edward Merrin recollected of that night, "One of the scholarship students gave an outstanding talk to the one-hundred attendees of the dinner, expressing the importance that the scholarship money was to her and how, in fact, her life was changed by it."

Hitting the nail on the head, the wish to 'help change the world' has been the main intention of Edward and Vivian's philanthropic pursuits — as was reported on Edward Merrin's givings. And this belief runs strong in the Merrin family, passed down through generations.