Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Updates: Winter & Ed Merrin

The latest updates on Ed Merrin.
Highlights of the Edward Merrin Blog over the past several months include a look at Edward's beginnings as an art dealer starting out in New York, as well as his breakthrough and success.

The story doesn't end in the '90s, with retirement from the antiquities business, but continues until today — through Ed Merrin's financial support of research and aid programs at Tufts University and New York University's medical branch. This is, in fact, preceded by an active life of giving — since very early on.

Ed Merrin Supports Tufts

Explores the philanthropist's motivation and history in supporting financial aid programs at the university. Includes further reading from sources at Tufts University and media outlets. Also, read on the financial significance of Edward Merrin's gift to Tufts.

Edward Merrin & Medicine

Details Edward Merrin's endowment to support the Chair of Medicine at NYU's Langone Medical Center, as well as his previous support of the medical institution.

Origins: Edward Merrin and The Merrin Gallery

The full take (or a brief look) on Edward Merrin's antiquities career — starting with his accidental introduction, to his prolonged success as a world-class art dealer.

On Ed Merrin's Professional Past

As updated on LinkedIn, Mr. Merrin has been actively involved with various NGOs and non-profit organizations since very early on in his life.

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