Friday, December 24, 2010

Edward Merrin's Contribution to Medicine

New York University School of Medicine.
With previous givings to the institution, Edward Merrin will be honored after the first of the year, 2011, for the gift of a chair in medicine at the NYU Langone Medical Center. The recipient of the chair will be announced shortly, and Edward Merrin feels sure that the recipient will be a doctor of renown and "will improve the world".

With a cost of a few million dollars, the chair in medicine will allow the recipient, and all future recipients of it, to have their salaries, secretary, traveling, and other professional necessities paid for. The hospital will use the money in Mr. Merrin's endowment to pay these each year.

The previous Merrin-aided program at the NYULMC was successful, and continues to function today:
In 2003, with generous support from the Merrin Family, we designed, implemented and evaluated a theory-based faculty development program ...  to improve the proficiency and quality of bedside teaching in the Department of Medicine/Division of General Internal Medicine. Our intent was and remains, providing patient centered, compassionate care for every patient. This program is led by Drs. Adina Kalet and Mitchell Charap.

In 2006, we initiated the next phase of our program, the two-year Merrin Master Clinician Fellowship Program.
Wishing a Merrin Christmas, and a happy New Year!

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