Monday, November 8, 2010

Short History of Edward H. Merrin and Gallery

Ancient Greek, Roman & Egyptian Masterpieces
by Ed Merrin's gallery.
The story of the Merrin Gallery starts in the '60s when Ed Merrin was first introduced to ancient South American art. Enticed by it's vivid and imaginative forms and colors, Edward began acquiring and selling these pre-Columbian artworks. In due time, he established the Edward H. Merrin Gallery, and broadened the scope to include ancient art from the rest of the world.

Ed's gallery boasted objects from Classical civilizations such ancient Greece and Rome, as well as Egypt and the Near East.

Regarded by museums and collectors as an expert in these fields, Ed Merrin was frequently asked to identify and classify works for the collections and exhibitions of other museums and institutions. He was at the forefront of the gallery's success.

Today, and since 1987, the legacy of the Merrin Gallery continues as it is lead by Samuel Merrin, an authority in ancient and pre-Columbian art much like his father, and owned together with Moshe Bronstein.

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