Friday, November 12, 2010

E. Merrin's Call to Support Tufts University

Walnut Hill at Tufts in 1910, Credit: Haines Photo Co.
Tufts University is a school with a long history of world-class academia. With it's mind set on the future, Tufts welcomes and thanks donors like Edward Merrin to support it's faculty development, research, as well as financial aid programs for students.

The Merrin family has had a long history at Tufts, and recently Edward Merrin and his wife Vivian also committed a gift hoping to "change the world in some way, even save lives".

Universities have been hard-hit by the recession, as gifts to Tufts' decreased in 2010. Gifts from alumni are important at this time, learn more about and support the 'Beyond Boundaries' campaign for Tufts.


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Keep going!


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